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25 August 2009

I need a job

anyone got one for me?

I should have a steady stream of stuff going up on flickr, tryin to get back into the groove. I'll try for 5 a day M-Th since I'm much too lazy on fridays and weekends.

More later.

Olympus Evolt E-500 + Nikkor 105mm f/2.5 + Sunpak 422D

1/8 power, Shoot-through umbrella high & left

18 August 2009


sorry. it's been a hectic month. Just moved into my new apartment, trying to find a job, scanning about 10 rolls of film, blah blah blah, excuses excuses.

Just thought I'd update with a thought or two on umbrellas.
  1. Asians rock. seriously, where else but Japantown (Ichi Ban Kan if you need to know) could I get a white umbrella for a dollar? nowhere I tell you. except maybe Chinatown, but I don't think white umbrellas really draw in the tourist set.
  2. BEHOLD! Dollar store umbrella of death! Photobucket
  3. so I kinda did a hack job on the handle. my dremel cutting wheels kept shattering so I kinda brute forced it. on the plus side, now my umbrella can double as a lance. the cool thing about this is that it opens automatically. sweetness. you just have to close it carefully and use the snaps on the outside of the umbrella to hold it closed. they'll probably fail at a very inopportune moment. who cares. I don't. why?
  4. Because this is an awesome shoot through umbrella. westcott, move over. I would be willing to bet that this piece of shit transmits light just as good if not better than a lot of the inexpensive shoot-throughs out there while still diffusing pretty well. example? thought you'd never ask.


Olympus E-500 + Zuiko 35mm f/3.5 Macro.
Canon 420EZ high and left shooting through white umbrella, 1/8 power.
Triggered with poverty wizards

In other news, my Tenba Shootout just came today. review and pics up soon. Also, if you've been living under a rock, the Radiopopper JrXs just dropped. I creamed my pants. Flickr will soon be updated with much too much film for my own good.