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25 January 2009


Yeah, 91.66 gave you the win over Kevin Pearce, but he pulled off a better run than you and he isn't a whiny bitch.

The announcers said it all, you won because of your name.  Had the judges been judging you on what you can do and not your individual run (like they did for everyone else, also acknowledged by the commentators), you would have scored in the 80s.  What was that, a McTwist for your final hit? When you were throwing 1260s in practice?

Also, you have no style. You look like a robot and it is disentertaining to watch you snowboard.  I had more fun watching snowmobile freestyle and making fun of those "athletes," for lack of a better word, than I did watching your runs.  Although I did personally enjoy seeing you wash out twice on the same trick.  

KP won superpipe gold this year, and was robbed because of the untarnishable Shaun White name.  

P.S. Shaun, your videogame sucks. 

P.P.S. All this fixation around Shaun White seems oddly reminiscent of all the fixation surrounding Tom Brady and the Patriots.... hmm....

Also, I've got new stuff on Flickr. I am a photographer, after all, and I will whore out my work on this blog.

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24 January 2009

Why Boston Fails

No offense to Bostonians, I'm sure your city is great.  I've never been, I don't forsee it in my immediate future, but I'm sure it's cool.  A little rustic Revolutionary-era charm mixed with big city hustle and bustle.  Seems nice to me.  Sortof.  It's you that I hate, Bostonians, and it's you that are the reason that Boston fails.  Some backstory:

I was watching Rome is Burning on ESPN and they, much like every sports talk show, were talking about how the Cardinals are going to be the Super Bowl.  Come next Sunday, we may very well see the Arizona Cardinals win the first Super Bowl in their franchise's history, provided they can stop Roethlisberger.  I, for one, hope they stomp all over the Steelers' legacy, but that's beside the point.  So, Jim Rome had some pissant sports writer from the Boston Globe on the show who had the fucking gall to call the Cardinals a fraudulent team, going so far as to reference their [winning, mind you] 9-7 record.  

Excuse me?

Now, I'm no huge Cardinals fan.  I grew up in Tempe, AZ, but I wasn't interested in the NFL until high school.  But to call them a fraudulent team? Seriously?  They played hard all year.  Yes, they got completely blown out a few times, but they kept playing hard and made it to the Wildcard game.  Then, they beat the Falcons, a team everyone said they couldn't beat.  Then they go on to beat Carolina, a team everyone said was sure to win. And finally they beat the Eagles, who seemed like shoe-ins for NFC champs. And they are a fraudulent team? Sorry, I must have missed the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles went 9-6-1.  Yeah, they deserved to be in the playoffs SO much more than the Cardinals.  

Anyways, this little sports writer goes on to talk about Matt Cassel and how he's not going to fight going back to being the Patriots' backup QB if Brady returns.  Now, I REALLY HATE the New England Patriots.  With a passion.  But, I really think Cassel's a decent quarterback and he seems like a pretty humble guy.  But this fucking writer just glosses over the fact that Cassel had an amazing season for never starting an NFL game (or college game for that matter) before this season, and goes on to stroke Tom Brady's cock.  Yeah, Brady's got a torn ACL and he's gonna be a better QB than Cassel come next season.  Every team in the entire league knows Brady's game plan (oh shit, did Brady go deep to Moss again?). As an aside, I kinda hope Brady comes back next year and completely fucks up the Pat's season, and some angry Bostonian, feeling deeply betrayed, stabs him and Belichick in a back alley, so the Patriots can at least try to start becoming an honest, legitimate football team. Starting to see why I hate Bostonians? 

It's their fucking obsession with all things Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and New England Patriots that is borderline psychotic and entirely homoerotic (not that that's wrong per se, although the majority of America seems to think so.)  If any team in the NFL is fraudulent—Boston Globe Sports Writer pay attention here—it's the New England Patriots.  Now, I'm no expert on closed-door dealings, but that little slap on the wrist the NFL gave them for blatantly cheating must have been the result of some money being exchanged.

Not that I'm accusing the Patriots of being that petty.

Just remember, 18-1.

Also, I've got new stuff on Flickr. I am a photographer, after all, and I will whore out my work on this blog.