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About this whole photo class thing. goddamn SFSU and its BS rules. 

After my visit to SLO i'm kindof lusting after giant softboxes now. got to play with some Dyna-lites in Photoflex boxes and I am really impressed. Considering it took us like an hour to setup for one shot, I don't think it's going to be a purchase I'll be making anytime soon. I mean, we did have to set up a sweep, 2 soft boxes and lights, a gradient, and the actual product shot, but a big softbox is a serious investment (for me, especially because of space constraints, and my utter lack of funds and hardware to support it) especially to get the most out of it. Besides, a Westcott double fold on a Manfrotto Nano Stand is infinitely more compact, easier to setup and take down, and depending on your subject size and proximity, can replicate a softbox in terms of light quality. Except for the catchlights. Anyways, I'm gonna throw some more information out in the coming few days. its late but I've got some ideas floating about in my head that I'm gonna try to formulate into a coherent, concise flow of words. 

I just wanted to throw it out there that Chloe's super delicious. I really wish she'd shoot more, she's really good. you can find her at her flickr. if she'd ever get out of shooting only assignments for photo classes, her photostream would be populated with many many more great shots. But I promise, she's much more awesome than boring beginning photo class assignments indicate.  As an aside, this is the first real photo ive posted that's horizontal.

05 May 2009

Hey, SFSU!

is this for fucking serious? a lower-division, introductory photo course that I CAN TAKE TO MEET A G.E. REQUIREMENT AND YOU DON'T FUCKING LET ME REGISTER FOR IT? WHAT THE FUCK! This is some serious bullshit. just cuz I'm in a major that's going to actually make me real money doesn't mean you should get all jealous and pretentious-starving-artisty and bar me from taking this class.  I'VE BEEN WAITING TWO FUCKING YEARS for a chance to get into this class, and now look what you've done. you've shattered my hopes and dreams is what you've done.  well screw you and your tight-ass darkroom SFSU Art Department, I'm gonna develop IN MY FUCKING CLOSET and blow your panties off.  bitch. 

in other news...

I love Cafe Americana. They have the best potatoes with their eggs benedict. and the hollandaise is fresh every day I think. so delicious. I get hard ons thinking of those eggs and bacon. They're on the corner of 15th and that one main road in Del Mar. if you're in town, you should go eat there, just not when I am, cuz I don't want anyone stealing all the raw sugar and cholula.

Can you tell I'm starving right now?

Nikon N8008s + Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 + Fuji NPH400.

01 May 2009

Weekend Trip!

I'm going down to see Chloe for the weekend. There's a gala for the art dept at SLO so we're going to that, and I should be doing some studio work with her. mostly helping set up but i might get a few shots in. forecast is for rain, but hopefully it'll blow through today and tonight. I just don't wanna be stuck inside all day. There's some lovely hills in the back of SLO and I'd really like to shoot there more, weather permitting. We'll see tomorrow. 

Anyways, I just wanted to take this time to talk about what to pack. Don't pack what you don't need. Let me rephrase. Don't pack what you ABSOLUTELY don't need, or if its something you might end up needing then make sure you have it available to you at your destination. I'm bringing the kitchen sink, just because that's how I roll. 

Nikon N8008s, Nikkor 28mm f/3.5 (technically, I don't need this, since chloe's got a 28mm that's a stop faster, but I really like this lens). I left my 50 at home since Chloe's got one and I can borrow it whenever. The E-500 is coming too along with the 14-45 and the macro. because I like wide and I like tight (two concepts that go together as much as Nazis at an Annie Liebovitz gallery, if you're talking about something besides photography). Bringing both my flashes too, wireless triggers, and extra batteries. if you have a bag that has memory card/battery holders, USE THEM. They are so helpful. ive got all mine full of AAs, some assorted AAAs, and the BLM-1 for my E-500. the nice red tags let me know which batteries are dead. I'm going to miss this bag. maybe.

oh yeah, if you're traveling, I'm of the opinion that a dedicated camera backpack trumps EVERYTHING. especially if it can carry a laptop. I looked into getting a messenger bag, but the lack of space (I need [read: like] lots of it) turned me off. so I'm getting a backpack, ditching my Tamrac Pro8 and my North Face Recon. shoulder bag + backpack = no bueno on the shoulders. I need something that can carry 2 bodies with lenses, an extra lens for each body, 2 speedlights, wireless triggers, a laptop, hard drive, and assorted knick nacks. A 'weather proof' backpack beats my thin north face bag and my [fairly substantial] tamrac bag any day of the week. consolidation FTW. you might like the ease of a shoulder bag to get at your stuff, but i normally have a camera slung around my neck anyways. besides, I'm talking about travel here, not going on day jaunts around the city. I'd probably prefer a messenger for that, but for travel, id rather carry a small bag with my clothes along with the backpack. it just seems more convenient to me.

I've been processing a lot of B&W lately, don't really know why. color C-41 films are lookin nicer in monochrome to me or something. I have a fetish for good tonality. not claiming this is a shining example or anything, but I like it. Happy may day kids, I'm off to an econ midterm. fuck this professor.

Nikon N8008s + Nikkor 28mm f/2.8 + Kodak Portra BW400CN.