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15 October 2009

Some Thoughts

Nikon F100 + Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 + Fuji Velvia RVP50

I love crazy color casts. definitely wasn't expecting it from this roll, even though it was pretty old. kept it in the fridge for so long I figured it'd be fine but I guess these pleasant little surprises are nice every now and then. I was shooting into the sun too, so that probably compounded the issue. Weather's been really weird lately. cold and dewy on this morning, and then two days ago we had driving rain almost all day, then a day of heat, and now its just muggy out there. I thought San Francisco weather was supposed to be predictable.

The F100 is still amazing, thank you very much. Not too many problems, the only big one (and I wouldn't even call it a problem) being that it seems like I get a frame or two less out of a roll than on my N8008s. instead of the 38 I used to get, sometimes I can only get 36. Weird. its performing great though, finally got around to setting everything in the CSM and dialing the camera into what I like. I'll report on battery life once mine die. I'm not using AF lenses or putting too much stress on the motor drive so I'll see how many rolls I get out of this thing. curious how long I can make an exposure last once I get my remote trigger. I get a roll of Velvia back from photoworks tomorrow night so that will be on flickr probably by monday. I did make the mistake of wanting to see a roll from this weekend too badly last night. So I took it to walgreens. definitely a no-no. when I picked it up they had given me prints, something I specifically asked to NOT get. I wasn't in the mood to make it an issue so I just paid the man and left. waste of an extra five bucks.

So, I get back, expecting to have headache-free scanning. yeah, no. Vuescan gave every negative a blue or green cast with way too much grain. This on Reala 100, a film that normally doesn't have grain issues, at least with me. I scoured the interwebs for some help, and eventually just RTFM, which told me to set the base color, lock the exposure, etc. better, but not good enough. so I quit that, opened up epsonscan and what do you know, I can actually get some good scans. Turns out Vuescan is extremely picky about the C41 it likes (a conclusion corroborated by quite a few people on an old dpreview thread). which is a really shame because Vuescan is good, and I mean really good, with slides. Number of problem rolls of slides I've had: two. ever. That's life I guess. I'm gonna keep trying with different film, see if I can nail something down with vuescan. I have a bunch of NPS160 and I really just don't wanna run it all through Epsonscan. call it personal preference, but Epsonscan doesn't seem like a high-quality program. It works, it just seems like it's the Piknik of scanning software.

Also, anybody catch the UFL? I hope they make it through next season, cuz when the NFL locks the players out in 2011 you can bet your ass UFL attendance is going to skyrocket. And I mean, these games aren't that bad at all. I watched Florida and Las Vegas I think, kinda just looked like an NFL game between two "okay" teams. I hate those red ref uniforms though. so. hard. to. tell. and they need to get different team uniforms. the silver, green, black and blue just doesn't work when you have all the teams with those colors. Anyways, go Redwoods. I'll probably be watchin the game on friday night. Hope Cal doesn't choke this weekend......again.....Oregon will win so I'm not too worried.


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